The book’s working title is How Am I Normal? This project will be a humorous collection of first-person accounts of surviving a crazy childhood or family life and somehow managing to turn out just fine. No mean-spirited rants or depressing tales, please. Tell us about eccentric parents, unusual living situations, and quirky circumstances that somehow helped mold you into the whack job well-balanced person you are today. Think Chicken Soup but ironic, hip, and edgy.

First-time authors are encouraged to submit. (Hell, this is my first time putting together an anthology.) There’s no entry fee, reading fee, or cost for copyediting—all you have to do is tell a funny story and tell it well.


Required information: Each submission must include your (real) first and last name, your phone number, and the story’s title. You can use a pen name if your entry is selected; however, no anonymous submissions will be accepted.

Length: I’m leaving this open. Don’t be crazy.

Point of view: First-person only.

Genre: Nonfiction. Mild exaggerations for comedic value are acceptable; everything else must have happened in real life. As accurately as you can remember.

Tone: Stories can be uplifting and heartwarming, but they MUST be humorous. Again, nothing angry or mean-spirited—save that for your therapist.

Structure: Each entry must be self-contained. A submission may be a story with a beginning, middle, and end or it may a point-of-view essay. Excerpts of memoirs in progress are fine as long as the submission itself is not fragmented.

Previously published work: Please submit only stories that have not already been widely published. For example, pieces previously published in regional newspapers or blogs are fine.

Originality: All stories must be your own. An adaptation of a story written by another author is not acceptable.

Deadline: 12:01 a.m. August 15, 2010

How to submit: Submit your story in the body of an email to Attachments will not be opened.

There is no cost to the author for submission. No entry fee, no reading fee, no editing fee. If you have not received an acknowledgement within 5 days, please resubmit.

Multiple submissions: Submit as many stories as you wish; more than one entry from a single author may be accepted. Please submit each piece separately.

Selection process: Submissions will be reviewed as they are received. Each submission will be considered based on originality of voice, quality of writing, and how freakin’ funny your story is. Authors selected for publication will be notified by September 15. Selected authors will be asked to submit a short bio (written in third person). At that time, a contract will be issued.

Rights: Authors retain all rights to their work and will grant one-time publication rights to Aging Nymphs Media.

Payment: Contributing authors will receive a complimentary copy of the book. And, of course, nothing compares to the thrill of being included in such an awesome anthology.

Authors may purchase books at a discounted price (TBD). Authors may resell books at cover price and retain all profits from any personal sales. Authors are NOT required to purchase books.

Questions? Email me: (The title's still not set in stone--suggestions are welcome!)

Good luck and start writing!

(Still not sure what I'm looking for?  Take a look at my "Insight into the early years" excerpt here.)