The D Words

The D Words: Dating, Divorce and Other Delights

My show, "The D Words," ran for six weeks in Las Vegas during February and March of 2010. Now I'm ready to take it on the road! For booking information, contact me at
Show description

Author/humorist Linda Lou’s unique brand of sassy wit shines as she reflects on topics such as dating, divorce, drinking, death, and a multitude of life’s other “D words.” Balancing edgy comedy with unexpected poignancy, Linda Lou tells of her transition from depressed to dynamic as she recounts her tale of starting over alone in Sin City following a midlife divorce. You’ll laugh out loud at her self-deprecating observations and excerpts read from her memoir, Bastard Husband: A Love Story. Unlike anything offered in Las Vegas "D Words" makes for a terrific night out.

What audiences say:

"It’s a great show, Linda! I’m still chuckling about your comments about how “hospice humor” is going to be the next big thing in standup. And the rest! Your material has staying power, which is the best and rarest kind."

--  Megan Edwards,

"We thoroughly enjoyed your performance and agree with your opening statement that your comedy is more sophisticated than the run-of-the-mill Vegas stuff I have seen for years. You are certainly a sharp gal and I wish you every success."

--  Mike D., Las Vegas, NV

"I’ve seen Linda’s show. LOVED IT AND HER! She is a riot but what I loved is that I wasn’t just laughing at a funny joke. I was laughing at human nature through the eyes and the life experiences of this vibrant woman. I hope people go out and support the show. We need her substance and heart to balance the glitz and slight of hand in this town."

--  Lisa McGlaun, Las Vegas, NV

"Her personality vibrates through her readings.  She is funny and a true woman who takes crappy situations and makes fun of all that life throws at you... I have seen her show twice and I recommend it for everyone – man or woman."

-- Teresa Watts, Las Vegas, NV

"My boyfriend went with me to Linda’s show (a little hesitantly, I must admit) … and he laughed harder than I did. The show stays on the mark with humor, insight and a focus on moving one’s life in positive directions. This is not your average grandma , or comedian, or divorcee. But when did average make you laugh out loud, and tear up just a little! Great show!"
--  Sue B., Las Vegas, NV